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After a month of waiting, I finally got a response when I tried to pick up a car battery from a Walmart in Lakewood. Not only are Benjamin Manager and Walmart refusing to accept responsibility and correct their errors, they are blaming me and attempting to punish me. It is victim blaming.

The offenses, per the Colorado Consumer Protection Act and including repeated trespassing and electronic harassment, are clear. The story behind the story is the subplot: the inability to change and the coverup.

This has happened four or five times to me; probably it has happened to thousands of other well-intentioned consumers also. I place an order at for four or five items and I get a dozen emails and four or five trucks on my driveway at all hours and on weekends. The products may or may not be left in the street, but FedEx has gotten used to it and they are usually at my front door or in front of my garage. The items are always nonperishable and timing is not crucial. Sometimes they are simple food items or they could be a mattress or an expensive computer.

That part is moderately acceptable. Half the purchases are junk and most of the rest of them I can easily do without. Walmart has a strong by-mail return system and that was a plus. The “marketplace” vendors are unmonitored and can be extremely risky.

By “four or five times” ending in disaster I am referring to Walmart and Door Dash.

  1. Friday 11/12/21 11:17 AM – placed order online, 6 items, $387, all to be delivered via FedEx.
  2. 11/13 12:44 PM part on way, est. Deliver 11/22
  3. 6:04 PM “Your order is out for delivery.”
  4. 6:11 Some items delivered (in dark); pic of my front door.
  5. 6:38 Part on way; arrive Sunday 11/14.
  6. 8:07 Part on way; arrive Fri 11/19.
  7. Sunday 11/14 FedEx truck refused; informed him order canceled.
  8. Call Troy who said he is manager. Told him this has been discussed with Walmart and Door Dash repeatedly; No Door Dash. No pics, calls, texts, or non-FedEx deliverers on my property. Order canceled. Said I don’t want items and they can pick them up.
  9. Monday 11/15 Another FedEx truck refused.
  10. Tuesday 11/16 another part of the order sitting on my front porch. Called Ben, who actually is manager. Order off, please pick up items.
  11. 11/18 email saying $61 back.
  12. End of week, around 11/18, found part of order ($120 Samsung tablet) in street.
  13. 12/14/21 called Capital One Walmart card and attempted to dispute the charges. Phillipines was impossible and I have no idea. I’ll send them a letter (Salt Lake City).

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