The story of Chad and Lori

It is hard to follow Chad’s writing. There are no excerpts in Google Books. There are also no conventional book reviews or peer reviews of his writing.

At one point he went through his life blogstyle believing someone would be interested. It starts here. They are hard to find, this part of the website. There is no index or organization; there is a lot there, all first person, with most of the rest about each book or religious suppositions.

This is the one that caught my eye. Again, I don’t know how I found it and I had a devil of a time finding it again. It is not bad writing–it is sort of soothing and relaxing really, and he can tell a decent story if he lays off the the religious theories, visions, and general proselytizing.

At the same time, he is nowhere near what it takes to be a respected writer. His work contains numerous grammatical errors and awkward sentences. He does not vary them well and the diction is unimpressive. As noted, everything is first person and one-sided.

In terms of marketing, his books are sold only to Mormons (they are characterized as Mormon literature).

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