The story of Chad and Lori

Ouch. 13,000 pop. Fremont County defers to the A.G. while 40,000 population Madison County prosecutes Chad for burying dead children. Rexburg (i.e., Madison County) is 95% Mormon. Come on, where is the case?–2074835662

The video above, Nate Eaton and EIN from Rexburg to southwest Fremont County, shows the way. Chad and the clan lived over the County line. Lori lived in Rexburg and Madison County. The Chad hearings are being held in Madison County. We haven’t heard of any charges from the State of Idaho, and at some point someone is going to have to pursue the death penalty.

It has been written elsewhere and often that Mark Means, Lori’s attorney, is not a criminal lawyer and that he is in over his head. Chad is now represented by John Prior.

What a bizarre place Rexburg, ID must be. It is described as almost entirely Mormon. The church owns half the property. By far the biggest economic engine in the county, BYU – Rexburg, is owned and run by a church.

Overall, the reporting, investigating, and prosecuting of these murders is awful.

EIN has become the flagship. Eaton is off writing a book on deviant Mormon cults (sarcasm); Grossarth, who is maybe 20 years old, appears to be the chief legal and financial reporter, and he holds the by-line for the analysis of the couple’s finances.

It is simple and evil to think of anyone in terms of life insurance money. The link above (Grossarth/bankruptcies) has some excellent comments: 1) Chad is behind it (i.e., the bodies) and 2) look at the seriousness of the crimes because the court isn’t going to care about a religion’s problems.

It is also an old story. They are two losers who could not cope with or survive in the real world. They turned to murder and that is always right under someone’s nose. They were that desperate. And they played it to the hilt. They thought they could get away with it.

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