The Mormons, part 1 video

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I’ll get to that, but first this:

Oops, that is the wrong one. I’ll get to it.

Here is the right one.

This is where the plot takes a different turn. I really don’t know if it is the medium or not. I feel for those with commutes etc. but I don’t listen to podcasts. I could not obtain the book easily or free so here I chose to listen to the podcast.

It is (still in process) one of those new experiences where I will say I am glad I did it. I am really glad I did it after I knew a modicum about the subject. I will give it 2 stars.

At first I thought it was a real history book, it is just that Joseph Smith was not a prophet, he was a criminal. I am really intrigued by people (or groups) like that, malignant narcissists or psychopaths who think they are above the law, or at least those who believe they are different than others in that respect. The book fit in with my other research. The chronology of the first few chapters fit and confirmed what I am primarily interested in.

The online press got to me (I even emailed the author), but all I can do is settle for the tapes, which I would not recommend.

It is like listening to the uninformed diary finally released and censored by parents who are terrible at communications to begin with, and are now putting their own spin on it. I can only see part of the bibliography, but what I can see are diaries, notes, and letters from Mormons. There is a smattering of local and national news in sensationalized anecdotes. That is the whole book. There are no charts, court cases, statistics, or references to much of the published history around the period before, during, or after the town’s brief existence.

The social commentary in between can only be described as feeble.

The book managed to hit at a time when people were about to be shut in. There is no peer review from historians and the reviewers like me probably lack a lot of depth on the subject. I predict the curve will flatten. You just don’t realize it when you first start reading it that it is a propaganda piece from the LDS church.

Listening to “the tapes” is like listening to a Warren Jeffs classroom session. You are not listening to a history book.

I will admit the audio and/or the book are enjoyable in a farcical way. It is the blind leading the blind, and I did not realize that at first. In the interest of fairness, I never like to blast critique something without finishing it or or at least trying really hard to do so. I’ll try with the tapes. Maybe while in the shower?

Following are a few pages from book’s prologue on Google Books.

Dangerous and very misleading stuff.

WTF is Mormon exceptionalism? Why are Mormons faring so well? “It is all about family” according to a researcher from the PEW institute.

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