The Mormons, part 1 video

I think that will be the end of my research for now. It is unfinished like everything else here, but I can live with that.

It went on for at least another 50 years and it still hurts the Mormons today. That is when Utah became a state and the Mormons began tithing to the federal government. Suppose Utah was not the face of the LDS church, and vise versa? Kudos. There is a lot of competition and the Mormons are there. They have survived. At this moment I do believe one would call the religion fast growing.

It is a massive story and I am sure I will look back to it and first that will be in the following way. How were the governments created before and after statehood? How have the two institutions remained separate?

I am sure I watched The Mormons, Part 2 long ago but I did not watch it again this time. Right now I am not feeling too upbeat about that part of it. I have never heard of a religion in the United States that needed, wanted, or had a standing army. I cannot think of a state that grew-up with, and is dominated-by, one very powerful religion either.

I have done business with Mormons, played basketball on a team once, and have had friends who are Mormon, plus I have been to the state numerous times. If I don’t go to Utah (61% Mormon) and manage to forget that I every time I Google a place I see that darn temple, the religion makes no difference to me.

Of course I am no different than anyone else, a lesson the Mormons as a whole could learn too. I believe people should have choices and be their own person. I know too much about how we learn and how cultures start then grow or die.

My God, how would you, married male or female, like someone to come to you and say “I expect you to now be my spouse 50%.” Women of course had almost no choice.

It was great to watch books on C-SPAN again. I would have liked to see it done from someplace other than Utah. I was hoping for call-in questions… You know, from people in the rest of the country.

(There will be a page 3 with more on The Kingdom of Nauvoo and current reaction.)

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