7the cost of installation of the noise monitoring system be capped and shared with Adams County. (Ex.s105;106;107;108; 110). The parties eventually failed to reach an agreement, and Adams County filed a lawsuit in the Jefferson County District Court in June 1992 seeking a court order compelling the IGA requirement of an installation of the noise monitoring system. (Ex.111). Almost contemporaneous with the filing of the lawsuit, Andy Harris of HMMH advised Denver in May 1992 that hebelieved a company called Technology Integration, Inc. could develop a noise monitoring system that could distinguish between aircraft and non-aircraft noise even where aircraft noise was close to the background noise. (Ex.108)

The contract expressly required differentiation of aircraft noise and community noise, DIA local aircraft from other aircraft, and local aircraft noise from simultaneously occurring community noise. Trial Tr.Day 3at194-5.

Dumb on the part of Adams County to accede.

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