The Mormon Murders

This is very good journalism.

And these are interesting comments. They’re not the only ones. And it is not representative, but they are a lot of qualitative input.

It is hard to make sense of it.

I have become very familiar with Colorado City, Arizona, Warren Jeffs, and the history there. I have been to St. George, Utah and I know about that. I know it sounds arrogant, but I have not read Under the Banner of Heaven (the whole thing) because I think I know the story.

The compounds or colonies are quite similar, including Gold Base, California. New Mexico (Jeffs) too. I have looked for pictures of the LaBaron “colony” and that of the Romney clan (Colonia Dublán), and a third, Colonia Juárez in Chihuahua. This video really helps.

Under an agreement with the Mexican government, the Latter-day Saints purchased 100,000 acres of land and eventually established eight colonias, or towns, in the states of Chihuahua and Sonora.

They are all like army bases. They have patrols; they stop outside vehicles. They are secluded (i.e., protected) from the outside world and involuntarily or not, residents are sequestered. There are no movie theaters, restaurants, sports teams, newspapers, etc. etc.

In Mexico there are reports of digging too many wells and it shows. I wanted to see pictures. Supposedly the colonies have much bigger homes that stick out in the poor countryside.

Mr. Staddon said he had always been surprised at the contrast between the large homes that the Americans and their descendants had built in northern Mexico, and the poverty that surrounded them.

It is all legal. They are not hurting anyone.

Or are they. It is brainwashing. If you care about your children, give them a choice.

I don’t entirely agree, but one comment… They are Mexicans now.

Except for the granite countertops.

Raju Patel

This is not a hatchet job. It isn’t a Facebook post, it isn’t a rant and rave, and it isn’t fake news. I’ve always written that this blog is about my keeping records, memories, and learnings. It is visible to all, and maybe it can help others also.

“We have our rules” is one soundbite I remember.

Another, from a different branch manager, is “This is what we are going to do for you.”

It is especially odd for a banker. How is a banker registered or licensed? I will find out. But I know there is a fiduciary duty there. In other words, there are a lot of ways to complain.

Andrew is one name; Juli Christy is another name and person, an important one. Mr. Patel is the ringleader because they all sang the same song, but he may not even know it.

This is boring so let’s get it out of the way right now. There is more to it besides the FINRA exam

States regulate personal bankers through various organizations, including securities commissions, bank divisions and banking departments. State agencies require personal bankers and bank managers who supervise these bankers to hold federal licenses and registrations according to the products and services offered. Investment advisers must also register with the Investment Adviser Registration Depository as required by the international North American Securities Administrators Association and the federal Securities and Exchange Commission.

I do not think a lot of it applies. But that is my ignorance. Specifically, Bank of America is not a state chartered commercial bank.

Ouch. Office of the Controller of the Currency, that is who regulates Bank of America. Earlier I saw this but I am more interested in the formal, official way. This is a giant scam.


Robert Hansen

Bipolar Disorder

Highway of Tears


Hansen moved to Anchorage in 1967 at 28. He had a (second) wife and two children. By 1972 he was arrested for rape, kidnapping, assault or what have you.

Recidivism, pathology, or some other reason. At 21 and already married he went to prison for two years in the tiny town of Pochahantas, Iowa.

It is as if being married spurred the mania side.

I didn’t know. I still don’t. I keep Googling “bipolar disorder” and “Freud” and come up with nothing.

If I Google “bipolar disorder” and “alcohol” I get a lot of hits. It makes perfect sense. The manic part is enhanced, albeit temporarily. The depression part is enhanced big time, and it becomes permanent.

Hansen, who died recently, was a very smart and meticulous man even though he was uneducated. His life was an escalating pattern. The insurance fraud, bakery, plane, and the worst parts did not happen until the early ’80s. His plea was brilliant: confess to the four you know about and do not say anything more about it.

The Frozen Ground, 2013

Back to the video and Brian Steven Smith. I have been searching the web and there is not much more about him. His 21-years-older wife appears to be a dolt if not an enabler. I wanted to see more, especially the house, and the vid helps. Maybe someday I will unmute it.

The stunning part is the enclosed arraignment booth. He is handcuffed and surrounded by police, is that necessary? It looks like some third-world country. Was he executed that day?

He looks scared as hell. And he should be.

Eek, Alaska

What an amazing piece of luck, finding the SD card. Perhaps there are others.

Continue reading “”

Officer Smith


The story was picked-up by the Washington Post and is getting some national play.

It is not a very good piece—it is scant for an in-depth investigative story. I mean, the charges are not severe.

There are a few things that are disturbing and citizens have a right to bring them up. Mostly it is about past indiscretions (at a previous job).

It is hard to believe that suing and/or defending against that would cost $140,000 of money that the paper did not have. It is just sort of a screw-up all around.

The comments on the above link are a good ending to the story. Personally, I have met officers who are worse. I have also lived in small (and large) towns. I don’t know. I just don’t come out of it respecting the paper and the editor much. You fought it and you won. What more do you expect?

That is crummy, making a video out of a great song and movie and then not sharing it.

This version of the song is my favorite and it works spectacularly with the movie.

I have been on a kick. Here are five really good car racing movies:

  • Grand Prix, 1966 –
  • The Last American Hero, 1973 –
  • Two-Lane Blacktop, 1971 –
  • The Love Bug, 1968 –
  • Days of Thunder – 1990 –