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This is awful. Is it wrong to think about such things? That is why I am putting my attention toward white collar criminals like those at Bank of America and the local sheriff’s department.

There are some excellent quotes and excellent quotes in the story of the poor retired man. 250,000 pounds was something north of $500,000 and to people of such a simple life that is their fortune. They said they had nothing left. As for the rest, they call it being a pensioner, which with a quick search is 129 pounds max per week or maybe $150 and that is terrible.

They were swindled by this group of local gangsters out of the money and the pot farm. They had nothing left.

The victim was a “source or potential source of grief to local criminality.”

“For Gerry’s family and friends I am sorry we have lost him, our lives poorer and somehow empty without him. To that sad, twisted broken soul who murdered him, I say if you have an ounce of humanity, any sense of decency then you would tell us now why you have done this.”

That is what it means when you say nothing.

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Have you ever had a credit card with autopay when a payment did not happen the way you wanted it to? If so, you may have been told “1 or 2 statement cycles” or a similar excuse.

Then there is Michael Avenatti. He was convicted of attempted extortion and wire fraud. This is exactly the same thing and the fraud is more blatant.

Remember, the decisions or “investigations” are always in favor of the company. With Bank of America it is profit-raising scam, pure and simple. It is the kind of thing that should be on American Greed.

For all of us who have experienced this problem with Bank of America — other credit card companies do not do it — this is proof of how they do it. Basically, if you request that an unapproved transaction be reversed it is denied. If you as a customer go through the cumbersome process of mailing in the request, you will receive a written denial without regard to details or facts. It is an effort to boost revenue through bogus late fees and interest. Applicable documents or user agreements (credit card and online banking agreements) require that unauthorized transactions be corrected and interest (or $50) be credited; these too are avoided.

The key is all requests are denied. Frontline customer service representatives are taught this way and middle manager correspondence employees back it up. Particularly if you are in a credit pinch, you have to pay or else.

BoA Letter #1.

This is how the fraud and extortion started.

Much earlier I paid this credit card completely and I had no intention to use it again. It had had a balance transfer on it and I paid it completely with an ad hoc payment. The card had been set to pay the minimum amount due (it was being used for a promotional rate on a balance transfer).

On August 8, 2019 Bank of America inexplicably took $4368 out of my checking account. They are still trying to blame it on me.

The letter they sent me is the beginning of the fraud. I did not do it, they did, and when they would not reverse it immediately or with interest (as required), I reversed it with my bank.

You can see that they tried to blame it on the customer right from the start. You can see my efforts to correct it here in the “smoking gun phone records.” The Bank of America very-fast written reaction is all lies and threats. It is a complete fabrication designed to a) force me to correct their error and b) threaten me. The highlights represent either a lie or threat.

I expected a massive apology and immediate correction with interest. The accusations are stunning. This is how the fraud starts: aggressive blame. There is no name or even return address.

I replied to them that I paid the card off in full and have not used it since. This was the second letter I had sent to BoA in El Paso (no reply whatsoever to the first), plus I had an in-person meeting in Highlands Ranch to try and correct the problems before the theft.

What happens if you call Bank of America on their lies? They make up different stories.

Oh man, Dateline is going to skewer her.

“It’s so disturbing,” Morrison says. “When I read Chad Daybell’s book and he described what he called near-death experiences, it’s the kind of thing one hears when these things go bad. I’ve heard a lot and when you begin to hear those kinds of stories, potentially you’ve got some trouble.”

BoA Final Report

BoA Final Report


1. Introduction

Premise – it is because of intentionally poor service. Is there ever a time when it is so bad it is illegal? It is a surreptitious effort to boost profits.

Personal Experience – I was a marketing research manager and spent many years around questionnaires, telephone centers, and interviewers. One day listening to inbound BoA customer calls would prove the allegations described here.

Last Document Read – Bank of America online banking agreement ( It does not indicate in any way that the offenses described are agreed-to.

2. Background

I had four credit cards with BoA. Before I reached the age when I could withdraw money from my IRA tax free, I took advantage of attractive balance transfer and credit card loan offers. My first BoA card I had for a long time and it had a high credit limit around $15,000. At one point the company offered my a business card that had no real association to a hobby business. Then I was offered a University of Georgia alumni card with attractive cash back, so I added that one. Finally, in early 2019 I was offered University of Michigan alumni card and I accepted that one as well. Obviously, I have excellent credit.

3. Details (from CFPB complaint)


6/8, 6/9/19 confirm autopay settings new UoM card despite failure to make payment, had to make manual payment, pay late fee, etc.  5 screenshots.  LATE DUE warnings online.
7/8 erroneous $386.59 payment to same card despite settings pay min. due settings.  5 screenshots.
7/10 screenshot of $150 bonus payment finally showing up online; screenshot.  This was asked about numerous times (see below):  per promo, due at time of making $500 in purchases.  Still due with interest from time of qualification.  NEVER PAID.
7/10,11 numerous calls and chats with BoA over these discrepancies.  5 chat sessions emailed to self.
7/12/19 printout of emails, problem explanations mailed to BoA from Highlands Ranch Branch during meeting.  No reply at all.
7/11/19  Paid another card off in full online, $4388.33.  Screenshot.  No email verification at all.  7/12 screenshot.  No update or verification at all.
7/12 appointment made 7/11, email and screenshot verifications.  In person meeting branch manager Juli Christy and Amad (sp.) Highlands Ranch, CO.  Appt., meeting, all documents, credit card agreements, screenshots, 4 credit cards.  Fiduciary relationship.  They did nothing.  Later that day emai correspondence with Amad (sp.).  NOTHING.
8/8/19  BoA erroneously withdraws $4388.33 from my bank account.  Calls, chats, email to Amad (sp?), call to Cherry Creek manager and Boulder manager.
8/9/19 continued.  BoA refuses to correct.  I reverse charges with my bank for $368.33 and still unresolved $386.59.
August, 2019.  BoA cancels all electronic payments for 4 credit cards.  Harassing emails, calls, AND TEXTS begin for card paid off in full 7/10/19.  I answer one call number I recognize; it is a recording and demand for payment.  I explain in full to no one this card was paid in full last month.
Sat. 8/24/19 I make Jeffco Sheriff Dept police report #21920, 3 deputies at my home, for harassment.  Deputies review texts and calls on my phone and file report.  Juli Christy, Highlands Ranch, CO named as local contact.
End August, 2019 I sent 3 letters to BoA:  2 to El Paso, TX per credit card agreement and bills, one to Ms. Christy.  NO REPLY to this day to any of them (one indicated the problems with one card would be sent to another department)
Reply text 8/23/19 reviewed by officers indicates full payment and no charges since for that credit card.  Text/facts ignored by BoA.  Communications are one-way and payment demands, not a request for legitimate communication and this is illegal in Colorado.
Three (3) other mailings have been received from BoA demanding I call them.  This is not required (or beneficial) through the credit card agreements.  The contract/agreements say write to El Paso, TX.
Sat. 20/26/19 received email from Raju Patel, which he copied to sheriff’s office that they/he would “resolve;” no word and nothing has happened since.  He lied to law enforcement.
Monday 10/28/19 I sent a check, which I have to do, to pay-off 2 BoA credit card and pay to one of those mentioned above.  Payment has still not been credited.  This information was sent to Mr. Patel without reply.
This weekend, 11/1/19 I emailed information on the Fair Credit Billing Act to Mr. Patel, Amad (sp?) and the deputy investigating.
10/30/31  Despite blocking 3 BoA 800 numbers on my cellphone I received a voicemail from a harassing BoA phone number.

BoA must correct all the erroneous thefts and charges (direct theft and theft by conversion) to the one card and cancel it.

BoA must correct all failed or erroneous transactions to the other credit card, including interest and, per the credit card agreement (the contract) pay $50 for each failed, uncorrected, and wrong transaction.  In addition, I am still owed the $150 bonus for that card plus interest and  $50.

BoA must restore all autopayments for all cards.  One card mentioned above may still have a balance after all corrections are made.  It has a balance transfer on it and I paid a fee for that.  When things are resolved, I will pay it off in full anyway.

BoA must cancel ALL four credit cards of mine and sever all accounts.

After everything is resolved I will pursue local lawsuits with the local bankers involved.

RE attachments, I will have to convert email files to PDFs.  I assume this complaint process has the ability to come back and upload files.  I have them all.  Many were sent to BoA–they have been mailed four (4) letters and emailed maybe 12-15 more.

Incidents Before Cancellation

  • Autopay on new card didn’t work; tried to charge late fee.
  • Failure to pay $151 promo on new card.
  • $368 wrong payment refused to reverse.
  • Fiduciary failure of Juli Christy Highlands Ranch Branch.
  • Failure to reply to 7/10/19 letter and those allegations.

Incidents After Cancellation

Alleged Crimes

Fraud, extortion, conspiracy, theft, harassment. False credit reporting.


t is complicated because it is based in customer service.  Have you ever seen the movie or read the book The Rainmaker?  In the Grisham book they are told to lie, i.e., ALL first requests for claims are denied.  From there it a matter of using the size and bureaucracy to every advantage possible.  With Bank of America it is clear the first-line customer service agents are told to lie.  This carries through to middle management and higher who I have dealt with. 

Another is the agreements or contracts.  With BoA there are two:  the credit card agreement and the online banking agreement.

There can be no doubt that it is known, an effort to illegally boost profits, and it is a conscious effort to both defraud and abuse customers.  It probably happens hundreds of times a day.

The primary reason this fraud is conducted is, if you do anything online, is through the online or digital contract.  Contact through  800 numbers and chats is not necessary or required per the credit card agreement; the primary breaches there are in terms of failure to respond to written requests per the agreement.

But again, it stems from "knowingly bad" (the quotes are my own) customer relations.  That will be documented here.  The conclusion is fraud.

Here is a place to start:


Gimme, gimme, gimme

Before we get to more serious things, this takes center stage.

He, messenger blows a tuning note. He starts singing to Jack.

Messenger: You made me love you. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to do it.

The messenger kneels in front of Jack.

Messenger: Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme.

Mr. Furley arrives at the apartment.

Messenger: What I cry for. You know you got the kind of kisses that I’d die for. You know you made me love you-ou!
Jack: Mr. Furley, listen…
Mr. Furley: I don’t want to hear it. What two consenting adults sing to each other is their business, but for heaven sakes, please close the door!
Jack: I’ll give her the message.
Messenger: Didn’t you forget something?

The messenger extends his hand. Jack high five’s it.

Messenger: Oh, I forgot, there’s a “P.S.”.

The messenger blows a tuning note. Raspberry. Messenger walks out the door.

Janet: Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme what I cry for…that will teach you to listen to other people’s mail.
Jack: I didn’t know what to do. I felt like such a fool!

Doorbell rings. Cindy comes out of the kitchen.

This is really good screenwriting, not to mention the rest that goes in to it. It is nice to know you can find anything on the internet; it is also reassuring you cannot find a video with comments for everything.

What can I say? It is my favorite show and I still watch it often. Although, I never actually sit there and watch it, I could tell you what they will say and that is why I still get a kick out of watching the videos. I think it is brilliant. It works in the background over and over. It is designed not to be paid attention-to.

The Love Boat works the same way. There are stories there if you pay the slightest amount of attention. The multi plots rolled into one work for those who either are or aren’t doing something else while watching… Someday I will provide the definitive blog post for which Three’s Company characters also sailed to the studio and onto the Love Boat. There is a lot of spillover.

I have learned to really enjoy the Janet character, and her rolling on the sofa singing “Gimme, gimme, gimme” did it for me. Cindy too had her moments, and despite declaring them the worst years of her life, Priscilla Barnes was great also.

There were plenty of jokes about groping, harassment by bosses, and potentially aggressive and unwanted behavior by all involved. Suzanne Summers proved that the women could be replaced… It was easy to realize that almost no scene or storyline worked without the memorable Jack Tripper. I always thought the governor of California at the time should have awarded John Ritter and the producers an award because the promotion was worth millions. Anyway, there was an element of supporting cast for the women.

What if Jeffrey Tambor had died before the allegations and reparations were enforced, would his memory be different? Same for someone like Garrison Keillor.

It just, it was a very funny time and it still is a great show. And the casting couch in Hollywood has never been a secret.

The IMDB database with links to Three’s Company of course has its limits. For today I found a new one in Summer Rental. Sure I have seen it before and the hilarious John Candy had way too short a life.

OMG, the next door neighbor with the enhancements was in more than one episode of Three’s. So was the woman who at one point was Jacks’s fiancee, Denise Green who plays Mrs. Vacation Family.

“Those are fun for the whole family.” Only Candy and the pretty actress could do it. Now they’re singing The Love Boat theme!

I didn’t write it, I only typed it.

Lori and Chad Dingbell

This Lori Vallow chick is one sick puppy. But first, here is more from husband Chad:

“I woke up that morning and she had been dead for a couple hours but she had a peaceful look on her face at her burial. I felt her tell me she was happy and helping our family on the other side of the veil,” Daybell texted the property owner, according to Fox 10.

“She helped me reconnect with Lori so quickly and it helped my children move forward.”

He is, of course, talking about his dead and probably murdered former wife.

The latest from the Daily Beast cleared one thing up. I knew Lori had been married several times; I thought Chad was the fourth, but he is number 5.

The question is, did they kill the kids or are they sequestered somewhere in recognition of the apocalypse? Either way, Lori is likely to be visiting the Rexburg jail soon.

It is hard to tell what their source of funds is… But the ex-spouses likely provide a clue.

Rexburg is a bizarre place. Just Google Rexburg temple.