Lori Daybell II

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I have never met a greedier, dumber, less considerate, and more manipulative person in my life. At least if it was a smarter perp, and a more clearly distinguishable con someone could stop it and maybe put her in jail, but that will not happen because it will continue with this generation and probably into future ones too. The leader in this one is the diminutive woman third from the left.

As it so often happens you cannot spot the leader in a lineup. Here you cannot spot the behavior either unless you are looking and you know what to look for; that is the lesson and here they are:

  • extraordinary greed
  • lies
  • procrastination to the point of never
  • delusion
  • does not understand the concept of empathy; you can explain it to them, they may repeat it, but they are unable to act it out
  • manipulative and therefore dangerous to others
  • blames others
  • unable to sustain or care for one’s self; dependent on others
  • repetitive; same old excuses, same old promises

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