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From The Lifeguard, 2013.

Of the many I have read, this is my favorite review. Yes, it all happened through outside forces–the Porsche dealer, the reunion, the high school girlfriend, his parents, and all the come-ons from other women. Anne Archer was perfect too as the divorced with kid ex, big house (director Daniel Petrie’s), art gallery manager; she is gorgeous but still the devil incarnate.

Other Recent Finds:

Pleasures, 1986

Mary & Tim, 1996

Down the Road Again, 2011

I have never seen anyone jog barefoot on pavement, or drive an old Corvette without shoes. I wonder about all the books in Rick’s apartment. But I used to do that too, before I had a big house with bookshelves.

The music is a big part of this movie and Time and Tide is a hidden gem. Take it from someone who used to buy Paul Williams albums. Many of his recordings are so bad you cannot listen to them. Others, like his versions of Rainbow Connection, We’ve Only Just Begun, and Waking Up Alone are great.

Dale Menten has some videos on YouTube and he appears rather… His videos include the rest of the soundtrack–but not movie clips–which consists of that same 2 1/2-minute song at different speeds and in instrumental versions. In the movie it actually becomes too much. The video above of Rick driving with the song Time and Tide sung by Mr. Menten is, to me, the climax of the movie. He even sounds like Paul Williams. My guess is Dale Menten’s voice lent itself better for this key scene.

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