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Update (12/27/22), for now, just a few edits, and this:

Email 9 1/2 Years Earlier

12/27/22 Letter to Commissioner Leslie Dahlkemper

Update Thursday 1/19/23


inappropriate reply and my replies to Carla Zinanti et al.

This RE Incident # 01182023-0028377. There are several others. For each an in-person response is required. If no action is made I will make a complaint and request bodycam and other audio and video recordings. Asking me to pay could be called extortion.

The 3rd one, incident #01182023-0028517, was texted to my phone and my replies have been ignored. “This is not a monitored number.” Obstruction and possibly harassment in Colorado–texting without permission or an opportunity to reply. Jeffcom Online Reporting calls it a “Leash Law Violation” (caps). That makes it a crime on public property, plus the dog at large fine.

I prefer email.

The last time I called Animal Control, standing in front of the sign at Stagecoach Park, they refused to respond. As did the other part of the Sheriff’s Department. In the past they frequently say “What do you want me to do, give them a warning?”

The first one… The second one yesterday was ignored. All fit the bill of “unconfined and aggressive,” which goes right back to dispatch. BTW, Animal Control intentionally does not answer their phone–PRESS 1 for voice mail does it. They are blocking crime reports.

The first one was Tuesday 1/10/23 at 4:03 PM incident #01102023-0015211. Started about 3:50. Pics from Stagecoach Park and the parking lot and BMW 528i with no tags. See BMW leaving 4:25. She sat in the car for a while, knowing she would never get caught. 4:28 Sheriff’s SUV drive up Hwy 74 right past.

What happened when sheriff’s deputies stopped this car? I need bodycam video.

1:23 PM Thursday January 19 text. This is public safety with a big problem.

Jeffcom Online Reporting: your online/mobile report has been reviewed and classified as a Leash Law Violation. Your reference number is 01182023-0028517. The call will now be serviced appropriately.

“CRS 18-9-117 and fraudulent signs..

No reply.

“I don’t see a response. Not correct–more than “leash law.”

No reply.

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