Walmart and others: void where prohibited

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5. Walmart.

I am involved in a contentious dispute with I used to order a lot of things from them, say 5-6 items and I would get 5-6 FedEx deliveries. Then they started using Door Dash at their whim. For instance, I would get a text at 6PM on Saturday saying we’ll be there in 5 minutes. I have found them walking all around my house staring in picture windows. They dump packages anywhere AND take pictures. Walmart eventually corrected their website to let you choose delivery method… It continued. And I was assured it would not. Basically, after months of problems and investigation, the local store manager can do it however and whenever he (it is a male).

The user agreement basically says anything we tell you means nothing because we may have made a mistake. False representations are OK and your only recourse is to send an item back, even if it is a no-return item. Needless to say, marketplace sellers can read–the user agreement–too. It is an outrageous attempt to compete with Amazon and it is illegal in Colorado. (FYI, I am now banned from buying on and I have $400 worth of Christmas purchases in limbo.)

Sorry, long story. I became really upset with Door Dash people coming unannounced, in the dark, taking pictures of my front porch (among other places) with personal phones, and posting them on the web. They were told to stop on numerous occasions and it continued (i.e., trespassing). Actually, I don’t wish to see all my purchases posted there for everyone to see either. I actually had to put a sign in front of my house, NO DOOR DASH DELIVERIES and they started calling and texting me!

Above is something written for another purpose which is a useful summary. I used to have a modicum of respect for them based on a formerly-decent local store and as an alternative to Amazon. That is no more. I still don’t know if they are bad to the core or if it is a result of a few rogue employees. There is a fair amount of ‘leeway” in their approach… I’ll find out. It is a bit of a risky game and I have $325 and some canceled business accounts to show for it. Not everyone would do that.

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