Walmart and others: void where prohibited

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2. CenturyLink

CenturyLink (Lumen Technologies) was my internet provider until I went entirely wireless by virtue of mobile hotspots. The service never worked right (speeds under 10 mb/s) dating back to my home phone and in October, 2021 it began cutting out too. Finally, on 11/15/21 I chatted with them to fix it. They refused. Continued efforts failed and on 11/22/21 I informed them in writing and in person that I cancel.

They were informed that further charges to my credit card will be disputed. Today I did that.

The story with this company is a rather simple one:

A telecommunications company whose stock is down during Covid and longer is not doing well. Their system and technology is old and they are not investing in anything. It is worse with a disgruntled workforce doing nothing from home. It is a company and service offering to avoid.

3. T-Mobile

I tried them for hotspot internet… I mean, I signed-up and sent the equipment back (refused delivery) when the package went missing and I could not reach them. I waited on the phone for 40 minutes; tried again and it said 2 hour wait. Chat, the guy promised to get back to me and never did. The sign-up process–had to do it over the phone and it took about an hour. I think it is some kind of pilot test. I felt it is a company I cannot rely on for internet and service if I need it.

They billed me $50 anyway and I disputed that too; there was no way to contact them. They shouldn’t be charging for services never provided and finally, upon word from my bank they suspended my service. I always felt that I would send a letter to their New Mexico address to confirm the cancellation and repeat why, but I hope that is not necessary.

I don’t have the equipment and I have never used or turned-on the service. I tried my best to communicate with them–their website says call, you cannot do it by logging in to an account–and, with reasonable due diligence, failed.

4. eBay. I am going to defer on this one for now. I am not looking forward to re-reading their user agreement. but I will repeat what is most important now:

“Evidence that a person has engaged in a deceptive trade practice shall be prima facie evidence of intent to injure competitors and to destroy or substantially lessen competition.”

My experience is that most sellers on eBay are small businesses who carefully and promptly send packages or they are companies that are closer to wholesalers, or individuals, just trying to move product. Those who do not follow the rules are hurting these people.

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