Walmart and others: void where prohibited

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1. Comcast is an easier one: I chatted with them and canceled. Their internet service was never turned on in my house and I sent the equipment back unused. I disputed, and my credit card returned, their $1 payment check. They were still trying to bill me and I put a stop to that with my credit card too. I will never have a need for Comcast again.

My biggest complaint about Comcast (Xfinity) is that their coax system is a dinosaur at some fifty years old. Instead they talk about wifi and Android. They never said a word about installation, cables, and digging up my yard and they simply declared it as working and started billing me. They only started to make an installation appointment when I spent hours trying to get Emergency Broadband service. Twice they sent unwelcome trucks and men who were not prepared or staffed to do the whole job; their auto calls, texts, and emails are as bad as it gets; the website doesn’t work; and don’t even get me started about customer service. They are the absolute worst in terms of overall customer satisfaction, and now they have a product that is dead last in terms of competitiveness too.

Fraud can be the most difficult to prove; that is something experts said about the Elizabeth Holmes crimes. Overall, it is falsely representing the product offering and charging for unprovided services. But, in terms of my commitment, I can opt out within 30 days (beware, there are contracts and imminent price increases too). They were informed through my credit card, I chatted, and I informed the second service person they sent to my home–I learned they were going to lay all new cable and leave everything from before there too–about canceling also.

I still cannot forget the last time I had Comcast, maybe six years ago (and they have not modernized). After I canceled, and after my service was turned off, they sent someone unannounced and unknown to me, to come to my yard to dig-up and cut coax cables. Again, this time they were going do it all again and I find that hard to comprehend.

This one is over. It is very wise to use a credit card that assists with these things. More on that later.

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