Jeffrey Epstein Virginia Roberts Giuffre was already abused by a neighbor, a runaway, and very vunerable. Then it all happened—Epstein took her in—and it got worse. She was sent to Thailand to become a better masseuse and recruit for him, but she left with a man soon to be her husband and father to three kids […]

Who the heck is Dr. C? 54 million hits, 60,000 counseling sessions, Baylor and North Texas State. Books. This seems more appropriate, the childhood origins. It is basically inherited. Definitions and telling everyone things narcissists do? I don’t like it. It does not get to the roots and most people on youtube still do not […]

link 1 link 2 Joey was getting it from all sides and he was having health problems. The friend, former roommate, and co-bartender was going to come over to help paint, he went to the hospital with his girlfriend instead, and was “rebuked.” The schedule would be off because of the flooring contractor. Then, when […]