power, privilege, and justice

Detectives spent three years working on the investigation, which ultimately found that Michael Skakel had “in all probability killed” Moxley, according to Dunne’s characterization. The detectives hired the 24-year-old who ultimately met with Dunne to turn the investigation into a narrative. Rushton Skakel stashed the report away, according to Dunne. https://www.businessinsider.com/how-dominick-dunne-revived-interest-in-martha-moxley-2013-10 http://thesuttonreport.com/The%20Sutton%20Report/searchablesutton.html Steven Wayne Benson.

One two

One. Two. But first, what I have learned about narcissism. There was a storyline in the sitcom Friends that there is no real good dead; if it makes you feel good, then it is not unselfish. Most, or many people have narcissistic tendencies, particularly if they are ambitious, confident, or other such adjectives. These people […]

“Honestly, when I saw her, she just looked like a survivor.” Judy Veloz is right. She also said something–I thought it would be one of those soundbites that they repeat, but it was quick and only once–and it was not real articulate. You cannot let your story influence the story. https://www.cbs.com/shows/48_hours/video/dPxsGbwcqdlp45V7Uiv9NLRs81bVuX5k/what-ever-happened-to-mary-day-/ It gets back to […]