The Great Hack The link above is for future reading and for now this is about The Great Hack (2019) and ultimately Steve Bannon, who has been in the news. And this. In the video Nix discusses OCEAN. At about the 9:00 minute mark he mentions cookies, social messaging ads, and set-top boxes as media buys.

Ann Rules? Finally and most importantly: Someone I knew once used a phrase that I cannot remember. It was specific to the internet but it is also the way some people may think and it is very much a sign of the times. It was something like “self convincing.” You can find anything. Maybe you […]

Abducted in Plain Sight

I suffered through it and you can too. Following are some links for afterward. “Trust, shame, and complicity” are three good descriptions. Asked how Berchtold came up with this extravagant deception plan, Borgman said her only theory is that inspiration struck from the 70s zeitgeist. ‚ÄúThis whole idea of science fiction was popular, […]