And the winner is…

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Sorry, there are many unfinished posts here.

The winner is 5G unlimited from whoever sells it.

I got rid of my old wired internet and switched to cellphones and a wireless hotspot. But a hotspot isn’t the same as a router for all the computers and filesharing at my house. I am completely through with counting data usage every month. I use too much for that I and I want to do it whenever I want. 98% of my cellphone usage is at home too, and I can use wifi for that–calling and data–within range.

I’m also through with checking speeds–quickly checks speed for the first time in months. I get about 50Mbps with the Verizon/Straight Talk router and it works great. No need anymore to worry about HD or files too large; everything in my house connects and shares and is fast!

BTW, $45/month for all this (no additional taxes) and $100 for the device (fairly high taxes or fees, maybe 10% and nothing like an admin fee or automatic fee), is a good deal.

So, very happy. Two modern cellphones are $9/each a month and Tello is fine for that. Home is Verizon and phones are T-Moblie, different networks and I don’t have to deal with either of the big companies. No credit checks, contracts, or the like.

To the Tellos of this world, a company a little too concerned with the markets in Bolivia and Romania, that is the difference in the U.S.: competition and availability. I have learned that very often being dissatisfied is a matter of buying the wrong thing.

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