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4923 N. Albert Drive, Enoch, Utah.

If you look at Zillow it is a .41 acre flat lot in the middle of other flat lots with tire tracks and a foundation. Nonetheless, the major sites have it valued at north of $600K still in today’s real estate market which is down some 20% in the last year. In the crime scene photos it looks like a large house on a flat, treeless lot almost surrounded by fences including a huge one around what looks like an empty lot next door. St. George, UT has grown to about 100,000; Cedar City, where the man’s father was a dentist and where the family lived previously, is 37K.

Enoch is 178 miles to Las Vegas and from St. George it is 120; Salt Lake City is some 250 miles north. St. George is extremely beautiful in places but almost all of it is boring and close to desert much of the year, except when it is windy winter as shown below. On the drive to Las Vegas it signifies that you are almost there. I’ve been there–it is clean and nicer than most truck stops. I remember thinking there are some nice rural homes. The rest of the life there must be intolerable.

This is the view afterward, as well as a closer look at the vehicle in front of it.

It is bizarre how close the fence on the left is to the Haight house, and how close it is to the sidewalk and the planted trees. At first I thought it was a soccer field, but it looks more like a greenhouse frame. In the first photo you can see there is another house on the left just out of the one above. Another house will probably be squeezed into the lot where the picture was taken. A lot of the subdevelopment is street and sidewalk.

Of course it is supposed to be some kind of Mormon family haven. The population of St. George doubled from 2000 to 2020 and Cedar City’s growth is close. Similar to Rexburg, Idaho, the area comes with a warning to anyone moving there: it is majority LDS and you may not fit in. There is no way you can be an insurance agent if you cannot market through the church. Now when you Google Enoch, Utah you get a picture of the slain family. The whole things reminds me of Josh Powell and his destroyed family.

The Haights bought the house in … The address was, eventually, well-published. I don’t know why it took me so long to find it. There are pictures of more houses going in as well as the neighbor with the fence. And I was relatively wrong on this too: the mother was staying there, she had her own place, for the safety of the daughter. This is a case where signs pointed and everyone warned about possible trouble. It is similar to the humiliation over losing your house–everyone was supposed to think that the family was perfect, as was the whole neighborhood.

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