America in 2023

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The murders by Theresa Felton Cain–Ohio–absolutely faded away. He, the father, appeared as an individualist not long for Proctor & Gamble but still someone who was responsible, educated, and employed. She also killed her own mother and kids. She is the one who could not cope.

Yesterday morning those of us in Colorado and 500 miles east, plus everyone to the west, woke up with the Louisville shooter. He graduated from the University of Alabama in December, 2020 with a masters in finance. Then there was Covid. It occurs to me that what we are seeing is a lag effect–the impact of people who had unusual and difficult times. Now is no better, in their eyes.

Earlier and recently it was the psycho converted woman who decided to shoot-up an elementary school in Nashville. It is almost the same: suicide by cop. In a twisted world it is considered a success if you bring others down with you. It is not just anger or violence, it is revenge.

Revenge against whom? You cannot blame the whole world. You can never blame your family.

The subject today is Michael Haight, Enouch, Utah. While New York City decided ex-cons and drug dealers make the best dispensary owners residents in San Francisco–tech executive stabbing–have tried hiring private security companies. Homeless people, not those who live in a van or move to Nova Scotia, are otherwise the most visible examples of those who cannot cope. Some or many need help. Others, those who seek revenge against the world they have created for themselves, probably require a more punitory solution.

What we are moving toward is social services employees, such as those assigned to the Haight family, becoming more important, well-paid, educated, and scrutinized. Same with law enforcement and similar careers. These people will be treated differently. Some or many will leave the professions and other, hardened or educated by the new realities will replace them. Elected officials will realize the need to fund and join them. The situation is not going to go away by itself. We will throw money at it.

Back to the deceased insurance salesman. Wow. Selling insurance in a town of 8,000–Allstate insurance–and paying for five kids and a wife, all the while trying to project that you are a perfect, thriving Mormon family is a big task. It occurs to me that having a parent live with you, similar to the Ohio family annihilation, is a source of Social Security income.

Connor Sturgeon, MS (he/him). Loser.

Tausha and Michael Haight’s five kids ranged in age from 17 to 4. These things happen over time and not just once. Killing yourself and as many others as you can take with you is a way of putting an end to it. It is in the perpetrator’s mind a final solution. It cannot happen again. There is plenty of evidence, but preferably there are no witnesses.

Tausha Haight filed for divorce on December 21. It was years in the making. There was a need to do it before Christmas and the new year. The killings were on January 4.

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