Hello. My name is Peter. I need to do something about that big blue About, but I wanted to include something. This blog lacks formatting. A part of me likes it the way it is, just blank space and that is the challenge for every writer. Every post and word needs to stand on its own and it is up to me to make it work.

I am mostly from Michigan and the South and have lived in Colorado for close to 25 years. I enjoy getting outside for fun or work, writing, my big black Mercedes diesel, college sports, pizza, and many other things. I attended Michigan, George Washington University, and Georgia. My undergrad is in psychology and anthropology and masters in marketing research.

Career-wise, I tended to work on primary research projects and consulting, which provided travel and ever-changing issues. Customer satisfaction has always been a strong interest of mine. I worked at FBI headquarters for several years and that provided a foundation for who I am still. Recently I have tended more toward legal projects, and which is a hobby, as is a small company devoted to deer and elk damage. I am not really sure why I retired at such a young age, but it just worked out that way.

I am single and finally putting some effort into changing that.

The only link I would really like to include here is this one: http://mgoblogging.blogspot.com.

This site does not use cookies, but WordPress does. I seldom look at the stats. You may browse with impunity.

Most importantly, this site is about writing. I believe it is an amazing skill and I like to practice it, tone it, and use it. What is here is my writing, good or bad.

Update 1/27/20