Walmart and others: void where prohibited

If you want to be good at it you have to want to do it.

It is not the same as enjoying doing something. It could be work. It must be worthwhile. And it is always something that just needs to be done.

5. Walmart is the hardest, or at least most time consuming, so I’ll save that for last.

Colorado Consumer Protection Act

I’m ignorant; my guess is all states have something similar.

5. Walmart is the hardest, or at least most time consuming, so I’ll save that for last.


Scott is the rush hour until closing manager at the local Safeway. He is now probably around fifty but he has been at it for at least twenty years. Outwardly, from what I see in the store, he is the definition of officious–always there and just as predictably following the rules. Just through longevity and repetition, he seems a bit more sociable in recent years.

I have never exchanged niceties with him but, but now he is friendly. He know that I am not stealing and perhaps he even knows that other long-time employees are better at recognizing local customers. The longest engagement I have had with him was when I printed the cookies redemption and told him that the store did not have 16-count cookies. He solved that by approving it with his complete authority and omnipresence when I paid.

That incident engendered respect toward me and, if possible, a correction of the discrepancy between the store and the website. He was glad to know it. He may have realized that one customer with a problem likely foretells others.

Joy Division


I am just about to settle on that. Bizarre Love Triangle is my current favorite song and the Bernard Sumner acoustic version may turn-out to be the winner, but it–or rather he–has flaws.

It all leads to and from Joy Division.

But that is not to say it is necessarily a worthwhile destination. Their short existence and output of 45 songs and 120 shows promise or, the future version, potential.

There are several good songs, e.g., Atmosphere, and they live on YouTube just like everyone and everything else. They even made a music video, just one (Love Will Tear Us Apart). These two songs were never on albums but they are easily found today, and they still earn royalties.

That’s it. Joy Division is just a long Google search.


65 DNL is the administrative construct the FAA uses as a general indicator of excessive noise. More specifically:

“The FAA uses the DNL metric and the 65dB noise threshold to make policy assessments.” (

These things are incredibly complicated at first glance. Once you understand them they are quite simple.

In this case, as it applies to Evergreen, Colorado, the NextGen FAA rollout is illegal and must be reversed. For various other reasons the City and County of Denver is liable as is, potentially, Jefferson County, Colorado, but those are subjects for another time.

For now the topic is 65 DNL. It is a day/night measurement of noise and it is only partially related to airplanes:

The calculation for DNL considers the time of day an aircraft operated and applies a 10-decibel penalty on aircraft arriving or departing between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.; the output is a numeric value in decibels that represents a 24-hour average noise exposure value. The current federally-established threshold of significance is 65 dB DNL.

That is a simple description of the DNL and not accurate in several ways. What it shows is that it is a calculation, seemingly linked with actual aviation or airport data, with a day/night component and a penalty calculation component.

Remember, the definition says 65 DNL and 65db noise threshold.

Lori Daybell II

I would rather go by what they say instead of what they look like.

What they said was “send me that book” meaning I can’t find it myself and I won’t read it anyway.

“I had the air conditioning fixed.”

“I do all the cooking.”

“I did yardwork,” and something about how much and how hard it is (small yard).

“It cost $3,000.”

“3,000 is a lot.”

“At 3,000 the money will run out.”

The Computer Monitors

Let’s review:

  • I bought a 24″ HP IPS on eBay for $30.
  • The scam ads were so appealing I bought an AOC for something like $35. I didn’t actually expect either of those.
  • The whole portable usb-powered segment is interesting, so I bought a HearDear (!) 4K for around $85.
  • Still not done, I ordered a 24″ Vizta from… I’ll have to look that up.
  • I’m loosing track of the order of the purchases. Somewhere in there is usb-powered AOC from Office Depot.

This is not the first time this has happened. You are always protected with a credit card if it doesn’t show up.

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Have to Write

This is about expectations. At the end, I’ll explain why.

When I graduated from college I was pleased that my parents let me study what I wanted. I worked in Detroit for a while, went to California, and then was accepted at law school. At the same time I was offered an entry-level job with the FBI either in Los Angeles, where I applied, or at headquarters.

The discussion with my parents–my father mostly–lasted two minutes. I remember it well still: it was on the ornate circular front steps at our home in Grosse Pointe Farms and I must have been following or chasing for it to have occurred there. I lived in the other part of the house in a tiny room built for servants.

There was no question about it. I would move to D.C.

That, I think, is where my expectations began. I left home for good. And my education was just starting.

But it is not as if it started there; it is more or less just a jumping off point. I disliked South Quad, my economy triple, and the entire University of Michigan so much that I left there directionless. I wanted and needed a place that paid attention to me, one that was smaller and personal. Still, I got by with Summer jobs for sustenance and a motorcycle for transportation and graduated in four years with majors in psychology and anthropology. My GPA was terrible and it was the best I could do; both the programs were number one in the country at the time.

My parents never knew, or asked about, a single course I took. Same goes for the advanced placement courses I took in high school, athletics, social functions, and you name it. At one point my parents offered a gesture of the car I drove in high school, only to never say another word about it when the found out it needed repairs. That is the way communication worked.

To this day, people call me gifted. I don’t know my IQ and never have. I also never knew I had AB blood, the rarest type, until I began to donate it.

This was hidden and private, in blog-speak. Like most things here it is unfinished. There is no point having anything here that is private.


It was 7:07 in the morning when the attack began. It sounded as though a rocket had been launched in my backyard. Swoosh, boom! Then roar, and finally a long reverberation.

It is a pernicious sound that grates on you; it is hard to imagine one worse. Most often, it is a loud or low rumble. Each one is an assault in its own right. It is never the same and the threat at every waking, or trying to sleep, hour.

In my view it evokes classlessness, you know, those content with living on the other side of the tracks, let alone right up against them. I am ashamed.

Simple things, like going to the garage or turning off the sprinkler require headphones. Sleeping must be done alongside a loud fan; in fact, a fan and TV should be kept on at all times. Barbecuing or sitting outside is out of the question.

The attacker of course knows it, for something this bold is not without precedent, planning, and preparation, i.e., intention, which is a long story too for the attacked to tell. It is a fairly simple legal case, when the evidence is this clear, and I’ll get to that too. Anyway, for the perpetrator, it is as if there is no going over the top: it is never too much. Like an airplane, that leaves a trail.

At its very core, it is one of those defining moments in life that you live the whole time leading up to. Are you capable of dealing with it? That is only a start. The real question is whether or not you are a person who just takes it or if you are someone who stands up to it.