Dave Kroupa

I’ll go in order of who was hurt most. Cari Farver is first because she was murdered then dragged through the mud for years by the perpetrator. Then there is Mr. Kroupa, second. After that I lose count and it is unfair to try and rank and order them; they include Nancy the mother, Max the son, Kroupa’s former common law wife, and more.

On the perp side there is only one person: Shanna Liz Golyar. At one point a man called Nancy (Last Name) to say Ms. Farver was at the shelter but likely he was duped. Golyar had no accomplices.

What I can add is you have to look at the whole thing. It is a look into Omaha and western Iowa including Council Bluffs and Macedonia (pop. 126).


have to finish skimming this.

Happy Thanksgiving

I looked at this blog a few days ago and said to myself, I have to stop writing about these Dateline and true crime stories that grab my attention. I’d rather do my own investigating instead of rehashing things on discussion forums everywhere. Besides, I’d rather write my own story. This is it.

Have you ever seen the movie The Cider House Rules? I wake up most mornings and say “Pete, you are a star.” It is hard to explain. I am not bragging and I am only a little narcissistic. It is not intentional either.

I am thankful.

If I had a family I would be thankful for that. While I am always looking to change that, I am very grateful for the things I have. These include things that are not original, such as health, decent looks still, a modicum of wealth, and a very nice home.

I am a complainer, meaning if there is a crime or crummy merchant, or invasion of what I consider my rights, I will let people know. I’ve become very good at it–if I could describe my relatively short career I would describe it as survey research and customer satisfaction. I have the best education I could obtain in my chosen field and although retired still continue it today. I worked at the FBI. It is something to be proud of and an exceptional learning experience for the rest of one’s life: I worked in the director’s office and had a top secret security clearance.

I read a quote recently from Mark Cuban of “To me, my goal was to retire because I wanted my time to myself.” That is how I felt. But I would expand it to say I wanted the time for myself and the people I care about.

Back to my Thanksgiving story, while I am still a complainer, I have learned to manage it, do it less, and to rid my soul of what I for some reason need to do, in a more compassionate sense. I will say my peace and move on. I will even pay for it and and then drop it.

I have always felt that removing stress is important, and I would add that to the Cuban quote as well. I am grateful that I have learned to do that and treat others with respect at the same time. This took me a while. First I learned empathy, and that helped. Then I learned forgiveness, and that built on it.

Through the course of Covid I am well-equipped–I have high-speed internet, computers, videos, stores nearby, and a driveway made for ecommerce. I am content for periods of time writing, reading, and learning. While I refuse to be a “Mountain Man” in the derogatory sense of a Colorado resident, I can pass for that if necessary.

It is not feigned, I wake up happy. First, I sleep well; I would rather it is not alone, but I do. Then, it is usually sunny, sometimes it is snowy, and not infrequently I have to do it with energy and rouse the elk out of my yard. Yesterday I mailed two very good letters. I received one saying a suit against me may be in the works. It was not a surprise and I know how to deal with it. I have more to do today. Tomorrow I will wake up write a review for my blog on the Michigan-Penn State game.

A few days ago I reread the introduction to The Prince of Tides for probably the twentieth time. I haven’t done it for a long time. And while my home is filled with books, I have not done a lot of reading them in a while either.

Anyway, I have forgiven the sins of my family. It is a little late maybe, but I am thankful for it. My education, particularly in psychology and anthropology helped me a lot, and I am grateful for that too.

A part of the dilemma, I found, was how to do it without blaming anyone. I mean, I did it and I earned it. It is hard to even explain it, or express it and at the same time I am doing it for them, or for you, or for someone else. That is the way I feel, and Happy Thanksgiving.

P.S. I lost 15 pounds and am on my way to my goal of 30. 60 and obese is no way to go through life. I did it by not eating pastries and not eating (as much) pizza and eating soup instead. I upbeat about that too. It is nice to enjoy exercise and activity.


I study writing here and this is something that makes every word count. That is why it is reprinted here without permission. I need to reread it before commenting further.

When President Donald Trump canceled a visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018, he blamed rain for the last-minute decision, saying that “the helicopter couldn’t fly” and that the Secret Service wouldn’t drive him there. Neither claim was true.

The Great Hack


The link above is for future reading and for now this is about The Great Hack (2019) and ultimately Steve Bannon, who has been in the news.

And this.

In the video Nix discusses OCEAN. At about the 9:00 minute mark he mentions cookies, social messaging ads, and set-top boxes as media buys.

Ann Rules?



Finally and most importantly:

If trained, she would be a good defense lawyer.

Someone I knew once used a phrase that I cannot remember. It was specific to the internet but it is also the way some people may think and it is very much a sign of the times. It was something like “self convincing.”

You can find anything. Maybe you can even find anyone, but that is a story for another time. Almost always, you can find a viewpoint or even something fairly scientific to back-up your opinion.

I even remember it from law training too: you can always find a law to support a certain position. That does not guarantee you will win or even that your case has merit though.

I really wanted to read Small Sacrifices but could not find it for free or in an e-edition. My large local library does not have it; a print edition could be sent, but it is not worth it, I think, after taking a closer look at Ms. Rule’s career. I admire her for going back to school, working in law enforcement and related fields, and studying courtrooms to be the best she could be. Her books, however, are just one woman’s opinions. The whole thing, like any science or profession, can be subjective. The legal process itself is contentious, adversarial, and human.

Abducted in Plain Sight

Jan Broberg from 'Abducted in Plain Sight' says her parents ...
Jan Broberg, Abducted in Plain Sight

I suffered through it and you can too. Following are some links for afterward.



“Trust, shame, and complicity” are three good descriptions.

Asked how Berchtold came up with this extravagant deception plan, Borgman said her only theory is that inspiration struck from the 70s zeitgeist. “This whole idea of science fiction was popular, and tape recorders had just come out. There were also a lot of newspaper articles about U.F.O.s and whether or not they were real.”

“To be able to actually kidnap somebody is incredibly difficult. Then to be able to maintain this ruse for years and years really takes somebody who has very little empathy for anybody else. It really does take a sociopath.”

The Atlantic:

Manipulation and grooming are not understood by so many. It happened to my whole family, this man was a master and my parents saved my life. They’re the bravest people I know, willing to try to help the rest of you see what they didn’t. That is the only reason we told our story.

I’ll browse on my phone and see if I can come up with more facts that are relevant.

Until then, I’ll write two things: The Vanity Fair piece is the better one. Is Skye Borgman a journalist or a film maker or both?

The story of Chad and Lori

I am finally starting to put it together: KTVB, KSL, Fox10 Phoenix, and East Idaho News. EIN is connected to the Idaho Statesman through Nate Sunderland, the managing editor.

There are some internet celebrities (Nate Eaton), real reporters (Justin Lum), YouTube phonies (take your pick), and just plain weirdos (Eric Grossarth).

For now the things that are holding them together are the Mormon church and murder.

Followed by Good Things live. Unfortunately, there is more.

This is the story of Chad and Lori.

Well she ain’t lookin’ back anymore
She said, “Catch me if you can anymore”
Ya know she didn’t want to do it
But he just pushed her too far

Everybody got a breakin’ point
And Baby there you are
She’s a Runaway
Run, Run, Run, Runaway

Does anyone have pictures of Emma making faces? It sure has layers. According to this link, “I’ve seen this before where it’s a bizarre case, it makes no sense and then it comes down to something as simple as greed or avarice or, you know, selfishness.”

Dominick Dunne on Power, Privilege, and Justice could summarize it in one paragraph. But as he once said, he doesn’t do poor people.

They are poor people, what with Lori “five kids and no money” Vallow and Chad with his 25 books bringing in $3000 a year. Specifically, Lori has shown a distinct inability to sustain herself over the years; she is a classic case of rolling up debt and then blaming the creditors.

Chad’s house in Salem, Idaho was bought on the cheap and never upgraded to a house for teenagers. Gravediggers do not make any money. Mrs. Tammy Daybell appeared to hold the family together, financially and otherwise, having worked her way up to full-fledged, tenured librarian. Plus, her work on the covers and sales efforts were a big part of selling the flimsy little 170-page novels. The fact is he had virtually no income of his own and maintaining the inventory of books was a problem.

The D.A. said the way one body was buried was egregious. I always thought egregious was an adjective. That is my layer, and I will come back to it.

Nate Eaton has done some fine work. But who wants to listen to Melani, or Melanie, or some other religious fanatic (e.g., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69f81cWl9ik)?

Just the link.



Earlier a D.A. in the Daybell murders elected to simply bow out. This one, who has been leading the prosecution and investigation for a half a year, waited for a nice Summer day. The house is a mile over the county line.

Oh, George

I do like listening to all sides. I’ll just say I don’t like listening to people like LeBron James all the time.

Who would have known? I certainly did not.

Pretty much anyone who has ever had any contact with a police department is standing up. Statistics take a back seat because it does not happen all the time; of course black people are unduly persecuted by white people. This goes deeper. It is finally coming out. Who do you think you are? What gives you the right?

You are a human being just like me and this is wrong.

These questions are not so hard to answer. They are hard to address, hence the protests.